Lindsey Lane Executive Golf Facility

Lindsey Lane Executive Golf Facility

Down To Earth took over the Lindsey Lane Executive Golf Facility contracts on October 1, 2013. Lindsey Lane consists of 45 holes of executive golf. The five courses are Silver Lake, Hilltop, Mira Mesa, Chula Vista, and De La Vista. Silver Lake was the first executive golf course ever built in The Villages and Hilltop lives up to its name since it is one of the most elevated areas in The Villages. This project is a good example of the versatility of Down To Earth. Prior to Down To Earth taking over the contracts, many of the proper cultural practices had not been done for years. We immediately made an impact on all of these courses by placing emphasis on the many details that had not received attention for years. Down To Earth continues to put in place the proper maintenance practices and strive to be the best.

Dating from 1987, our venerable Silver Lake course was the very first executive course in The Villages.  Silver Lake is relatively level golf course and is unique in that it has no bunkers whatsoever on any of its nine easy-playing holes. Silver Lake is a scenic course, almost park-like in appearance, with dozens of large oaks ornamenting the layout. Novices will enjoy this track from the front tees, while more advanced players will probably feel more challenged teeing it up farther back. Silver Lake is a very popular course, in part due to some of the updates the facility has undergone since its original construction. Major course improvements were implemented in 2000 and again in 2012. This par 29 executive course is a fair and enjoyable test of your golf skills whether you play from the forward tees or stretch the course to 1613 yards by playing from the tips.

A round of golf on De La Vista will quickly reveal why it’s one of the most popular courses on The Villages Executive Golf Trail. Your choice of tee box largely dictates whether De La Vista is a relaxing day on the course or, from the back tees, a challenging test of your golfing skills. You’ll enjoy two par 4s on this course and will have to navigate the tricky placement of bunkers all around the track. De La Vista boasts one of the best practice putting facilities along the Executive Golf Trail and also hosts a well-attended Men’s and Ladies’ Day. Depending on your selection of tee locations, De La Vista can play from 1243 to 1645 yards.

A fantastic place to enjoy a fun round of golf, Chula Vista is one of the first handful of Executive Golf Courses built in the Villages. Originally constructed in 1993, Chula Vista was completely renovated in 2011 and now offers beginning to intermediate golfers a park-like setting in which to polish their skills while keeping score. The emphasis at Chula Vista is on fun, with a forgiving layout that fosters a relaxing day of golf from the forward and middle tees. Want to kick it up a notch? Play from the tips. It’s more challenging. but still a great way to work on your fundamentals while having a great time. Chula Vista is a par 28 golf course that can play as short as 1298 yards and as long as 1507 Yards. Enjoy!

When Mira Mesa was originally opened to residents in 1993, it was the fourth executive golf course in The Villages. Totally renovated in 2011, Mira Mesa now features two par 4 holes and is a fun, challenging golf course that has a fair amount of contour to the land as it weaves through stands of oak and southern pine. The ninth hole is a tricky par 3 that takes you from an elevated tee box over a water feature to a narrow, well-guarded green. Par on this hole is an accomplishment – and a great way to finish a fun round of golf. Depending on your preferences regarding tee position, Mira Mesa can play as short as 1130 yards and as long as 1675 yards. This is a terrifically fun course and one you don’t want to miss as you explore The Villages Executive Golf Trail.

The most senior course on The Villages Executive Golf Trail, Hill Top was set up as more of a practice facility prior to 1985. At that point the land was resculpted into a beautiful executive course that has remained popular throughout the years.  Hill Top is a par 28 course with a single par 4 hole that plays 318 yards from the rear tees. As its name implies, Hill Top occupies some of the most elevated land in The Villages and offers not only challenging golf, but terrific views of the community and Golf View Lake. This course plays 1165 yards from the front tees and 1347 yards from the rear tees.

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